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It was first published as "The Doshisha Student" by the Press Section of the English Speaking Society in 1956. The Doshisha English Language Newspaper Society was established in 1964 and was renewed as "The Doshisha Student" in 1966. It disappeared in 1999 but was revived in 2008.
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No.9      June, 2012
World as a Melting Point

My Adolescence Period in Japan
  To me, adolescence happened in my middle school year which was later than all my friends around me. I noticed this by what I wrote on my diary and started to wonder about my future. (more)

My First International Exchange Program
  "My First International Exchange Program" was an event that invited people who were interested in other countries. They shared his or her opinions and experiences. The presenter introduced what he or she is doing now.(more)
Life in the Fastlane
Studying abroad
  I have been in Ireland for four months during the winter season. I decided to go abroad to study English in my third year at my university. In November, my friends started their job hunting.(more)

Noisy Girls
Walking north along Kawaramachi St. towards Imadegawa St., you might not ever see my favorite noise club. Even if you happen to glance at the small plastic and metal "Socrates" sign on the sidewalk in front of the illuminated and ever-bustling Fresco supermarket,(more)

   The four exchange students who came to study in Kyoto last February have safely returned to their own countries. From the Tohoku earthquake and the tsunami in March, many districts all over Japan were affected and many victims still suffer physically and mentally.(more)
And CUT!!
Alpha Girl
   According to www.dictionary. com, the word, "Alpha Girl" signifies the dominant or primary girl within a group. From my perspective, this prevalent word in recent days stands for the women representatives -- Margaret Thatcher, Hilary Clinton, and Condoleeza Rice who show the power or leadership of women.(more)

The Family Man
   The Family Man taken in 2000 is not a new movie. I am sure most movie lovers have seen it. Jack, played by Nicolas Cage is a single, wealthy Wall Street executive in New York City. Marriage means nothing to him. He is arrogant and believes that he has got everything which annoys an angel.(more)

Edward Scissor hands
   When I was asked to write about my favorite movie, many movies I recently watched came to my mind first, but after thinking for a while I decided that for me there is no movie as touching as "Edward Scissor hands," produced in 1990. I first watched this movie when I was twelve and I still love to watch it even today (at age 23).(more)

Mahjong Yamashita
  I want to introduce to you my favorite Japanese film called, Mahjong Hourouki. This film teaches the viewers about gambling. Many famous Japanese actors and actresses appear in this movie, such as Takeshi Kaga and Shinobu Otake. The direction is Makoto Wada.(more)

What's Up on Campus
  We had farewell party for our seniors. We called this event "Oikon" According to Japanese vertically structures society, there is invisible boarder line between youngers and elders. However, our circle does not have such age lines.(more)

Modern Jazz Ballet
  Spring has come! The cherry blossoms are blooming and new students will come. In the university you can do whatever you like. Considering about how to enjoy your university life, joining the circle is one of the choices.(more)

Habitat for Humanity
` There's Always Something We Can Do to Help
  One of the biggest projects that the members of our club worked on was the volunteer work at the Tohoku areas. This work does not only require our club, but can also be said to all the places in Japan.(more)

The Chinese Student Association:
Cross Cultural Communication
  Lunch Time Communication, made up of Chinese and Japanese students, was held on December 15th by the Doshisha Student Support Center of S -cube.(more)

Summer days of the Lifetime
  A college life in Japan is known as "The Summer days of your Lifetime." I became a college student by hearing this phrase too. The image of "a summer holiday" for me is "hanging out every day rather than studying."(more)

  During the late 2011, AIESEC Doshisha Local Committee supported students who applied for the Overseas Internship Program in Asian countries such as India, Thailand, and Turkey as well as Germany and Kenya.(more)

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