The Doshisha Student is published twice a year by the Doshisha English Language Newspaper Society, Kyoto, Japan.
It was first published as gThe Doshishah by the Press Section of the English Speaking Society in 1956. The Doshisha English Language Newspapaer Society was established in 1964 and was renewed as gThe Doshisha Studenth in 1966. It disappeared in 1999 but was revived in 2008.
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GyeongAe Chang, Lu YeDanZhi, YeWon Lee, JeongMin
Han, Shinobu Ando, Yui Kajita, Christian Pedro Calero
Mateo, Cheryl Herrmann, Bong Doo Jung
Treasure: Yuna Otake
Novenber, 2011

3.11 A Day to Remember
Shinobu Ando
  3.11. The day a massive earthquake and a tsunami stricken in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima Prefectures. These natural triple disasters destroyed everything: (more)

Festivals in China
Lu YeDanZhi
  As we know, there are a lot of festivals in China. Today, Ifd like to introduce four of them.
  The Lantern Festival (more)

I am a Korean Resident in Japan
GyeongAbe Chang
  From the title of this article, it is clearly understood that I am a Korean resident living in Japan, and I am the fourth since my great grandparents arrived in Japan. (more) (japanese)

My Experience as Saiodai
Shiho Kanai
  On May 2011, I had the opportunity to serve as the Saiodai in the Aoi Festival held in Kyoto. I was really impressed by the people living in Kyoto that (more) (japanese)

Letfs experience the world
Rieko Yamamoto
  qEditorfs noterThe English Newspaper Club initiated the discussion meeting on July 15, 2011 at Doshisha under the support of AIESEC. First, Toshinori Shigeie, a former (more)

Kizugawa Art\a Budding Art Event in Rural Kyoto Returns in November
Yui Kajita
  Recently, there has been a rush of art events in Japan. They became the big trend, which was especially notable last year in 2010. The most famous of them all is undoubtedly (more)

Impression of Institute for the Liberal Arts
Bong Doo Jung
  Knowing the changing technologies and advancements in knowledge of every field, it has become inevitable for people to move from their country of origin to other (more)

Megumi Kawa
  DENSHO is a club that mainly college students get involved in, along with teenagers and people in their thirties. We hold events on the stories we inherited from (more) (japanese)

ICG: International Communication Group
Mathew Zeng
  Once a week, in the ICG International Exchange Club, there are language classes of English, Chinese, and Korean. (more) (japanese)
My Most Memorable Trip: Korea
Faith Evans
  I love to travel and have always been interested in going to new places and having new experiences. I have now been to several cities and countries, but I think my most memorable trip was when I visited Korea. (more)

An Experience is Always Good
Marcus Ekarana
  I have been kindly asked to write a little about myself and my travels. My name is Marcus and I am born, and have lived for most of my 21 years, in Stockholm, Sweden and have fairly recently come to Japan and lived here for about a year. (more)

The Trip to Maldives
Zhou Weiwei
  My wife and I took a one week of our summer break to go to Maldives.
  Maldives is not fairly known in Japan. But in my country, China, it is known as the heaven for tourists and it is also a place any new brides would want to go as their honeymoon. (more) (japanese)

The Memories of My Vacation: Kyushu
Seon Hyeri
  Do you remember the time when you counted the days until the field trip and couldnft sleep because you were all excited about it? (more) (japanese)

Challenging is Everything
`from studying in Korea`
Yui Shinohara
  I have decided to study abroad for two reasons. The first reason is I wanted to know more about a country next to Japan. (more) (japanese)

My Journey & Me: Budapest in Hungary
Naoto Oishi
  I really love to travel with meeting new people, making new friends, and experiencing things I normally couldnft do. I get really excited when I hear the word gtravel.h (more) (japanese)

Discover Perth
Ruriko Mitsuishi
  I have traveled to more than 20 countries through my life. Recalling my memories of travel, I would like to introduce to you especially about Perth in Australia. (more)

Zhou Weiwei
  Three exchange students, three Japanese students, and myself, wrote articles on gTraveling.h I found common points (more) (japanese)

The Chinese Students Association
Shi Zhe
  Every year, during the Golden Week in May, the Doshisha Chinese Students Association, bring people in for a camp at well-known places in Japan. (more) (japanese)

International Exchange
Frontiers of International Exchange
Hisakazu Takagi
  qEditorfs noterTakagi made a speech on June 21 at Doshisha University. He was a former Deputy Mayor of Kyoto City, and now he is a Chairman of Advanced Scientific Technology (more) 

My Hometownfs International
Exchange- Nara
Megumi Kawa
  After finishing up my job hunting in Tokyo, I returned to my hometown in Nara Prefecture. When I got off at the train station, I had this feeling of relief. Within the ten years, the view of Nara Prefecture changed. (more) (japanese)

Introduction of Club
AFS: American Field Service
Atsuko Tanigawa
  On August 22, four semester students from Mongolia, Malaysia, China, and Peru along with a year student from Switzerland arrived in the AFS in Kyoto. (more) (japanese)

AIESEC: The Welcoming Meeting of Freshmen
Takahiro Mitsui
  This year, 40 freshmen have joined AIESEC Doshisha Local Committee. Since 70 members are running our organization, it seems that there are many students who (more) (japanese)

SIVIO: Student Organization for
International Cooperation
Kazuma Yamamura
  SIVIO is an international cooperation team for students. After the last issue on The Doshisha Student, many 1st year students joined our club. On July 3rd, we did a Summer Festival at (more) (japanese)

Habitat for Humanity: Change & Growth-Global Village - in Thailand
Yui Shinohara
  As part of the work in Habitat for Humanity, I went to a GV in Thailand during my spring break. GV is a short form of Global Village, a project where we build houses for people (more) (japanese)

Modern Jazz Ballet
Ruriko Mitsuishi
  Whatfs Modern Jazz Ballet? People ask me when I talk about my club. Wearing ballet shoes, we do a dance mixed with jazz. It is a different style from the classical (more)
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