The Doshisha Student is published twice a year by the Doshisha English Language Newspaper Society, Kyoto, Japan.
It was first published as gThe Doshishah by the Press Section of the English Speaking Society in 1956. The Doshisha English Language Newspapaer Society was established in 1964 and was renewed as gThe Doshisha Studenth in 1966. It disappeared in 1999 but was revived in 2008.
Printed by Kimura Keibunsha Co., Kyoto, Japan
Advisor: Masaaki Uneno
Editor-in-chief: Marina Suga
Assistant Editor-in-chief: Liu Cheng
Secretariat Manager & Editor: YoungWoo Jang
Editors: Sayaka Nakabayshi, Yu Jinshen, Ken Kurasaki, Soichi Minakawa, Yuna Otake, Saori Tominaga, Yuki Tanigawa, YeWon Lee Christian Pedro Calero Mateo, Cheryl Herrmann Treasurer: Yuna Otake
June, 2010
Frontier of International Exchange
Expressing Honor Leads to Loyal Education
Takatoshi Sato (Graduate of 1967)
\ Impressive excavation of unknown predecessors of Doshisha in Iwate \

The population of Iwate Prefecture is 1,400,000 with latitude 40 (same as New York). Many famous forerunners were born and raised in Iwate Prefecture. The population of Morioka City is 300,000 and is known as the capital of Iwate Prefecture. It also serves as the central city for Aomori, Akita, and Northeastern parts of Japan. (more) (japanese)

My Cherry Blossom Pilgrimage
Miranda Hannasch (2009-2010 Amherst-Doshisha Fellow)
  When I first came to Japan, I knew I had to do two things before I left: eat sashimi and see the cherry blossoms bloom in Kyoto. Waiting for the season to come was the hardest part. Kyoto is a city with famously troublesome weather, exchanging hot muggy summers with bitterly cold winters, and often driving its wealthier residents to seek second homes elsewhere. (more)
Special Feature on Girlfs Talk
Marina Suga (Faculty of Letters, 4th Year, U. S. A.)
   On January 21, 2010, we gathered a group of exchange students from Korea, China, United States, and Hungary and had an endless discussion on various topics such as girlfs fashion, marriage, and likes and dislikes of Japanese boys. (more)
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Comparing Japanese Women to gForeignh Women
@\We Are All Different, We Are All the Same \
Robert Clinton Hovis (Center for Japanese Language, U. S. A.)
  I as well as many other students here at Doshisha University will always remember stepping off the plane and into Japan. Absolutely hoping the Japanese we had studied at our own Colleges would serve us well. As any student of language soon realizes, it doesnft ever seem to be enough. (more)

My Hometownfs International Exchange
@\ Busan, Korea version
YoungWoo Jang (Faculty of Economics, 5th Year, Korea)
  Do you know where the biggest harbor in Korea is? How about the most beautiful beach? Well, the answer is Busan. While most foreigners are familiar with Seoul, the capital of Korea, not many people are aware of the beauty of Busan. (more)

Participating in the Los Angeles training was a turning point in my life
Ayumi Torii (Doshisha Womenfs College of Liberal Arts, 4th Year)
  In August 2009, I attended the Los Angeles training, which was sponsored by the Kansai Club. It is no exaggeration to say that this experience was a turning point in my life. I was able to discover new goals and a lifestyle that mark the center of my life. (more) (japanese)

Join us at the Kyotanabe gathering!
  Some people might worry the English Newspaper Club Meeting is complicated. But itfs quite easy to participate because it doesnft require one to speak English. We simply hang out and exchange with international students during lunch. Itfs a great opportunity to bounce off ideas and to share experiences with one another.(more) (japanese)
The Doshisha Student is now looking for new members who are willing to join our club. Please e-mail at
Tradition and Modernization
YoungWoo Jang (Faculty of Economics, 5th Year, Korea)
  On November 22, 2009, I interviewed Shonosuke Korenaga (Graduate of 1960, Faculty of Commerce), Secretary General of Kyoto Nishiki Market Shipping District Promotion Association with Marina Suga, Liu Cheng, and other staffs of the Doshisha Student. (more) (japanese)

AFS: Would you like to have an international exchange?
` Letfs take a step forward `
Shiho Kanai(Faculty of Policy Studies, 3rd Year)

AIESEC: Doshisha Overseas Internship Program in 107 countries
Kaori Sawada (Faculty of Economics, 4th Year)

DESA: Many International Exchanges
Yuko Sawada (Faculty of Law, 3rd Year)

SIVIO: Student Organization for International Cooperation
Ranko Fujiwara (Faculty of Economics, 3rd Year)
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