The Doshisha Student is published twice a year by the Doshisha English Language Newspaper Society, Kyoto, Japan.
In 1956, it was first published by the Press Section of the English Speaking Society as gThe Doshishah. The Doshisha English Language Newspaper Society was established in 1964. The paper was renewed as gThe Doshisha Studenth in 1966, disappeared in 1999, and was revived in 2008.
Printed by Kimura Keibunsha Co., Kyoto, Japan
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Editor-in-chief: Nagisa Naota
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Marina Suga
Editors: Chika Fukuma, Sayaka Nakabayshi, Zhao Lianwei, Zhou Weiwei, Wang ChengMing, Ken Kurasaki, Jyunsuke Ihori, Daiki Hanawa, Soichi Minakawa,Yuna Otake, Saori Tominaga, Liu Cheng, Jang YoungWoo Treasurer: Asami Kaneko
June , 2009
Frontiers of International Exchange
(1)Student International Society Group SIVIO
By Ken Kurasaki (Faculty of Law, 4th year)
@The Student International Society Group SIVIO started in September 2007 by the exrepresentative, Ken Kurasaki, going on a backpack trip to Laos during his second year in college. (more) (japanese)
(2)Doshisha University Taiwanese International Society
By Wang Cheng-Ming (Faculty of Economics, 4th year)
    It has already been three years since Ifve been offered the position of President of the Doshisha University Taiwanese International Student Society. As I look back, I was left with the position from the President while feeling a great amount of responsibility and carried feelings of fear. (more) (japanese)
(3)Through the International Exchange During My College Days
By Mariko Imamura (Graduate of 2009)
    During my four years of college, I belonged to AIESEC, where a group of students manage internships overseas. AIESEC exists in one hundred countries; therefore, there were cases when nationalities and backgrounds were irrelevant once one became active. (more) (japanese)
Over 100 Doshisha Students Answer gExperiences of Cross Cultureh
1. Yuhei Tanaka Faculty of Policy Studies 4th year Hyogo prefecture When I home-stayed in Canada for a month during 8th grade, I was surprised how they ate bacon with honey.
2. Shinsuke Fujiki Faculty of Commerce 4th year Hyogo prefecture When I went to China, the taxi driver was earpicking while speeding on the freeway. (more)
Reviews Over 100 Responses ‚P
Zhou Weiwei (Faculty of Commerce, 4th Year)
    Globalization has advanced and exchanges of economics, culture, science, and sports that have crossed the border have began to conduct frequently. The once known gbigh earth is now known as a village of earth. The different skin color, language, culture, and values that one holds must coexist in the same society. cross-culture have become a part of our daily lives. (more) (japanese)
Reviews Over 100 Responses ‚Q
Yuna Otake (Faculty of Policy Studies, 2nd Year)
    I love Japan. When I see traditional Japanese culture, I am impressed by the delicate feelings and the subtleties of human nature. When I was in middle school, I learned about Manyoshu and Kokinwakashu, which are one of the oldest tanka poetries in Japan. I still remember the deep emotion. (more) (japanese)
report of AFS activity
Participation in EVE-SAI known as Doshishafs school festival, which was held on November 25th to 28th, 2008
By Yuki Nanri (Graduate of 2009)
    Doshishafs school festival, EVE-SAI, was held between the 25th to 28th of November. It was our first year to participate and we sold 363 tacos in three days. We were able to spread news about the AFS activities as we sold the tacos. (more)

African American Music:
A look from both sides of the Pacific
By Christopher Gillyard (2008-2009 Amherst-Doshisha Fellow)
    Growing up as an African American, I felt I owned the rights to activities and information that belonged solely to my ethnic group. When it came to certain slang and foods, I was everyonefs main source of knowledge, their go to guy. The fact that Ifm a musician also gave me the highest authority when dealing with contemporary Hip-Hop and R&B. (more)
My Hometownfs International Exchange \ Inuyama Version
By Yuna Otake (Faculty of Policy Studies, 2nd Year)
    I would like to introduce an international exchange of my hometown, Inuyama city in Aichi prefecture. Have you ever heard of Inuyama city? Itfs not a popular tourist area in Japan, but it is quite a wonderful place. There is the Inuyama castle, which was built in the Azuchi Momoyama era; I am always moved when I see the cherry blossoms in full bloom every spring.There is also the temple located in the mountain, Jakkoin, which is known as Momijidera. It displays many beautiful maples in the autumn. (more) (japanese)
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