The Doshisha Student is published twice a year by the Doshisha English Language Newspaper Society, Kyoto, Japan.
In 1956, it was first published by the Press Section of the English Speaking Society as gThe Doshishah. The Doshisha English Language Newspapaer Society was established in 1964. The paper was renewed as gThe Doshisha Studenth in 1966, disappeared in 1999, and was revived in 2008.
Printed by Kimura Keibunsha Co., Kyoto, Japan
Advisor: Masaaki Uneno
Editor-in-chief: Mariko Imamura
Assistant Editor-in-chief: Satoshi Chikamatsu
Editors: Nagisa Naota, Chika Fukuma, Sayaka Nakabayshi, Soichi Minakawa, Marina Suga, Zhao Lianwei, Wang Chengming, Ken Kurasaki
Treasurer: Chika Fukuma
October , 2008
Frontiers of International Exchange
Doshisha University International Student Committee
By Zhao Lianwei 
@In 2004, thanks to all the support from the Doshisha Cooperative Society, the International Student Committee was formed. There are two reasons why this committee began. (more) (japanese)
My Hometownfs International Exchange
\Takarazuka Version
By Chika Fukuma 
Takarazuka, Mecca of Opera
@Today, I would like to report on the international exchange project at my hometown, Takarazuka City. Do you know which refecture it is part of and how big the area is? Takarazuka is located in the southeast of Hyogo, right between Osaka and Kobe. (more) (japanese)
AFS Activity Report
By Asami Kaneko & Chika Kawamoto  
@On June 7th and 8th, I worked as a student representative, also known as the gheadh in AFS, at the Short Program Sending Orientation that was held at the Osaka Hall. This orientation is held every year by the AFS for high school students who are going to have a home-stay for four weeks in the summer. (more) (japanese)
The Doshisha Student Staff Asks 100 International Students at Doshisha:
What Was the Most Memorable Thing Studying/Living in Doshisha, Kyoto?
1. After meeting a middleaged woman from work, I made a conclusion that people in Kyoto tend to tap ones back whenever they try to make the moment more fun. But to me, it only looks as if they are trying to make me look stupid. I only have a bad impression: Peggy, Graduate School of American Studies, 2006-2008, Indonesia (more)
Sayaka Nakabayashi Reviews 100 Responeses
We, The Doshisha Student staff, asked the abovementioned question to 100 international students at Doshisha University. At the present time, there are 551 international students at Doshisha (May, 2008). The breakdown of the countries is more than 30 (China, Korea and others, May, 2008). (more) (japanese)
My Experience in the International Exchange
By Yasuhiro Kuwata 
Prof. Hatta, President of Doshisha University) receiving a donation from Kuwata, (left.), Chair ESS Tokyo Alumni Association). Its Association starts gContribution campaignh: We came across with a dramatic scene that a farmer donated two dollars instead of buying a train ticket back home when Neesima delivered a speech in a small New England church, opening up his intention of establishing a school in Japan- from Website of ESS Tokyo Alumni Association (more) (japanese)
Nagisa Naota Comes Back from International Internship Hong Kong
I ifourth year, Faculty of Policy Studies), stayed in Hong Kong for about 7 months to work as a trainee from March 2008 to September 2008. I would like to talk about how I felt a different standard between Hong Kong and Japan and also on what I thought from these experiences. (more)

The Visiting of the Waseda Guardian Staff
The Waseda Guardian, Chief Editor, Yuriko Takahashi and 3 editorial staff made a visit for the interview in the Fall Issue, and had a talk with The Doshisha Student staff and OB.
There are 50 members in The Waseda Guardian and has a background history of more than 70 years.
(more) (japanese)
The Impression of Student
Training Program in Los Angeles
By Yasuhiro Kuwata 
I (third, Faculty of Law) went to Los Angeles for 12 days of training sponsored by Kansai Club this summer. I wore magnificent American clothes and traveled from the airport to Las Vegas for approximately 7 hours by car on the first day. I played the personfs New Yearfs flower arrangement casino. It was a dollar slot machine and I did pretty well. The second day, I went to the Grand Canyon and saw the sunrise and sunset. The weather wasnft exactly great but the scenery that shined in the Grand Canyon was impressive. (more) Ito (third from left), Consulate General, Sumiyama (right), Oda (left), Kansai Club, Kurasaki (second from left), and two trainees in Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles on the seventh training day of training
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