The Doshisha Student is published twice a year by the Doshisha English Language Newspaper Society, Kyoto, Japan.
In 1956, it was first published by the Press Section of the English Speaking Society as gThe Doshishah. The Doshisha English Language Newspapaer Society was established in 1964. The paper was renewed as gThe Doshisha Studenth in 1966 and was revived in 2008.
Printed by Kimura Keibunsha Co., Kyoto, Japan
Advisor: Masaaki Uneno
Editor-in-chief: Mariko Imamura
Assistant Editor-in-chief: Satoshi Chikamatsu
Editors: Nagisa Naota, Chika Fukuma, Sayaka Nakabayshi, Soichi Minakawa, Marina Suga
Treasurer: Chika Fukuma
June , 2008
AFS and Doshisha
By Satoshi Chikamatsu  
4th year, Faculty of Policy Studies 
The American Field Service (AFS) is a private, nonprofit international education exchange organization that aims to create a peaceful society. It mainly consists of exchanges by high school students who plan to study abroad. In 1946, hoping for world peace, the American Field Service performed an international exchange which triggered the beginning of AFS. (more) (japanese)
Norway-Japan Student Forum
By Soichi Minakawa 
3rd year, Faculty of Policy Studies 
What comes to mind when you think of Norway? Ifm guessing most people thought of either fjords or salmon. However, it is difficult to grasp a concrete image of Norway.
In 2005, Japan and Norway celebrated the 100th Anniversary for their establishment of diplomatic relations. (more) (japanese)
The Doshisha Student Revives
By Shigeo Otsubo Chair,  
Alumni Association of the Doshisha Student  
We OBfs (alumni) are very happy to see the revival of The Doshisha English Newspaper Press Club, which was originally founded in 1959. Becoming independent of ESS, it ended up disappearing in 1999. The temperament of students has naturally changed from the political atmosphere of the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty disputes in1960 and campus disputes in the 1970's. (more)
A Doshisha Student
Reaching Out to the World:
By Sayaka Nakabayashi  
3rd year, Faculty of Letters  
Naota will be going to Hong Kong from March to September for the AIESEC internship. I (Nakabayashi, 3rd year, Doshisha University Faculty of Letters, Study of Japanese language, educational program leader of AIESEC) got to directly interview her about why she decided to take time off of school just to go on this internship. (more) (japanese)
International Students Participated in Gion Festival
On July 17,2007 nine international students from the Doshisha University Center for Japanese Language and Culture participated in the parade of Yamahoko floats in the Gion Festival, which is one of the three major festivals in Kyoto. The students pulled the gMinami Kannon Yamah float, which has the important role of bringing up the rear of the line of floats every year. (more)
Information Corner
World Student Environment Summit in Kyoto-Opinions of the Students from Kyoto, the possibility for the future: June 20 -22 sponsored by Doshisha University

Pariticipating Universities from overseas:
(U.S.A) Stanford University, Oberin College
(U.K.)University of Cambridge,
(Germany)University of Tübingen (Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen)
(China) Fudan University,
(Korea) Yonsei University
(Canada) University of Victoria ,University of Winnipeg
(Italy) Università degli Studi Firenze
(Russsia)Saint-Petersburg State University
(India) Periyar University
and others
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Thoughts on Visting China
By Pat Savage  
2007-2008 Amherst-Doshisha Fellow  
Yay, Ifm a llama again!h says Emperor Kuzco in the Emperorfs New Groove after he morphs into a variety of different animals and returns to the familiar llama form hefs been trying to escape for the whole movie. Well, after returning to Japan after two weeks in China, I kind of felt like that, relieved to be back in familiar old Kyoto after my trip to China, despite how alien it felt when I arrived here five and half months before. (more)
Mike Nakamura and the "Kansai Club"
By Mike Nakamura  
Kansai Club is a non-profit, social group that is mainly consisted of people who live in Los Angeles and are originally come from the Kansai area. In 1967, Hideyuki Takahashi first created the gNaniwa Kaih. The group became widely known in the Kansai area, which led them to change the name to Kansai Club in 1983. (more) (japanese)
Information Corner
Participants of Beijin Olimpics in 2008 (Doshisha University)

Yuuki Hayashi (2007 Commerce)
Tetsuya Matsunaga (2003) & Taro Ueno (2003)
(Boat Sailing)  
Yuuki Ota (2008 Commerce)

Dr. Donald Dore presented the Honarry Degrree on March 27, 2008 from Doshisha University. He is a world-known scholar of sociology in the field of Japan studies.

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